Visual Art

At St Georges Road Primary School all students participate in a one hour Visual Arts lesson every week.

The Visual Arts Curriculum aims to develop students’ ability to:

  • Explore & express ideas through art as a form of communication
  • Understanding of a range of visual art styles, media and skills
  • Recognise and replicate visual elements of art (space, texture, form, shape, colour, line, value), as well as the qualities and properties of different materials.
  • They investigate both traditional and experimental approaches to drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, and ceramics and learn to use the specific tools and materials relevant to these areas safely and appropriately.
  • Learn to respond to artwork using visual arts terminology to reflect on its purpose and meaning.
  • Presenting artwork for others and use the feedback generated through discussion as an opportunity for improvement.

Artwork by students in Grade 1 / 2

Artwork by students in Grade 3 / 4

Artwork by students in Grade 5 / 6