At St George’s Road Primary School, we believe that the purpose of mathematics education is to:

  • Develop our students’, parents’ and teachers’ knowledge, skills and attitudes for mathematics teaching and learning.
  • Support our students and families in understanding the imperative role that mathematics plays for future employability, life choices and quality of life.
  • Prime our students for their forthcoming pursuits beyond their primary education at our school.

When students learn mathematics at St George’s Road Primary School, they:

  • Believe that making and learning from mistakes are customary.
  • Work collaboratively to develop knowledge using language that explains, challenges, justifies and convinces others of their mathematical thinking.
  • Challenge themselves and their peers in positive, constructive ways as a means of strengthening their mathematical understandings and skills.
  • Set high expectations for themselves and demonstrate these by setting challenging learning goals for themselves.

When teachers teach mathematics at St George’s Road Primary School, they:

  • Promote positive attitudes towards mathematics.
  • Ask questions to engage, challenge and assess.
  • Plan lessons with curriculum requirements and student needs in mind.
  • Plan and use tasks that consider student interest and relevance.
  • Use data and knowledge of individual student learning to help plan tasks and activities.
  • Use warm up activities to stimulate, engage and tune in students to the lesson.
  • Anticipate student responses to tasks during planning and teaching.

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