School Council



School Council responsibilities

Promote and establish the vision of the school within the school’s community.

Students are at the center of all decisions, with a particular emphasis on wellbeing and curriculum.

Enhance the educational opportunities for all students.

Ensure all policies are ratified at meetings as appropriate.


Roles of School Councilors

Parent members bring expertise and views to council on behalf of the whole school community.


Membership consist of 3 categories:

  • Parent members
  • Department of Education employee members
  • Community(co-opted) members

Membership to school council is for a two year tenure. At which time a new election will be sought.


School Council

Is a fantastic way to get involved and have real input into what the school is doing for you child/children and the whole community

It’s a very good way to contribute to present and future students of our school.

Your family may feel a greater sense of belonging to the school community and what is occurring at the school


How you can contribute to school council

You do not need any special skills except to be motivated to contribute in a positive way.

You need to be able to work in a team.

Contribute your valuable time to meetings and to other events when required

A variety of parents make the school council more viable so parents from different cultures are strongly encouraged to apply.


School Council Sub-Committees’

School Council meets on the third Wednesday of each Month, twice per term, from 5.30pm to no later than 7.00pm.  Supper is provided.

Sub Committees:


Finance Committee – meets 5.00pm on the night of school council.